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Written by Frank Spradley


Former Student of 

Mr. Frank Spradley


Author.  Educator.  Family Man 


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When it comes to raising Black boys, embolden Black fathers and uplifting Black families
one would be hard pressed to find literature that does it all in one fell sweep.
That’s why a book like “Sharing Baba’s Love” is fundamentally essential for home libraries.
Whether you are a youngster or grown adult the value derived is perilously significant. It not
only Impacts perspectives on the father and son relationship but also affects the psychological
aspects surrounding father and son issues.

Eric Frazier

Journalist &

Educational Specialist

Sharing Baba's Love is a timely children's book that celebrates the positive influence of men in the lives of boys in the African American community.  The author through his words, takes the reader on a journey to witness the long lasting impact mentoring can have on  young men.

Lori Baker - Flowers

Principal, The Walt Disney Magnet STEAM School, Bronx, NY

Outstanding, I was very impressed.  This will drop a bunch of knowledge to a whole bunch of folks and create a legacy that will outlive you.  That is awesome!  What a greater gift to humanity and your descendants than to have a lasting legacy!

Tony Burroughs

 Genealogist, Author, Lecturer

The book reads well.  I really like how you're diffusing African names into the story.  It's a very beautiful book.


Poet & Historian


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